Adolph Hitler’s New World Order, socio-economic/political/military machine, the Nazi Party, controls the United States of America through its proxy Israel with a $600 million dollar investment in the American Israeli Public Affairs Committees political propaganda network [AIPAC], backed up with a $56 trillion dollar theft of securities deposited in the Illegal state of Israel and Nazi banks to guarantee the outcome of political elections worldwide.

Today Zionist Israel’s Mossad is Adolf Hitler’s SS in the Middle East [East Africa], controls America’s economic system Capitalism, Congress, and the Intelligence Community [banks, Corporations, Wall Street], the military, the police, militias and organized religion.

In America militias are legal according to the Constitution, Minute Men, white Citizens Council, the KKK, the FOP, the Aryan Brotherhood, the Jewish Defense League, Skin Heads are all Christian, Zionist, Nazi religious organizations funded with tax payer government Faith Based Community Program dollars [created by Attorney General Ashcroft and George Bush, Jr.] work out of the US Attorney Generals office.  The police and militias have the power to kill people who talk back to them, without fear of retribution.

If FEMA deputizes these white supremacist religious Christian, Zionist lunatics, as it appears General Haig did: Nixon’s Chief of Staff declared martial law at the height of Nixon’s troubled administration. Tulsa police, the National Guard and the KKK operated under martial law on May 30th, 31st and June 1921 in Tulsa Oklahoma, summary executions and property theft. Marshal Law, disguised as the Patriot Act exists today throughout America.  White Supremacist Christians and Zionist Jews massacred 1,000/3,000 [according to a CNN forensic report] Christian Negro men/women/children, and old people in Tulsa, Oklahoma to gain control of property African people owned downtown Tulsa, it was not a race riot it was a media controlled massacre portrayed as a riot to remove African people from downtown Tulsa, Project 2025 is the final stage of the removal project.

Zionist Hitler Jews massacred 2,300 Palestinians in 2014 in Gaza, the same tactic is used worldwide to remove Africans throughout Africa, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Tamil, and Palestinians from their own lands.  The New World Order use organized murder, violence and fear to terrorize peaceful, docile religious people.

Zionist Jews have created five concentration camps, the same type Nazis used for Jews in Germany in the Sinai Desert to house those escaping the chaos and madness created by white supremacist Zionist Jews in Southern Sudan, Somalia, Rwanda, Conga and now Nigeria!

Capitalism, white supremacy, is the number one problem, it is responsible for all of the terror, murder, misery and suffering of African and poor people world wide.  White Supremacist are 2% of the population of the world, they control 98% of the wealth poor people create, they control the police, the military, corporations and banks! The solution to the problem is the destruction of Capitalism, White Supremacy and Zionism.

“Every time anyone says that Israel is our only friend in the Middle East, I can’t help think that before Israel, we had no enemies in the Middle East [East Africa],”  Father John Sheehan, S.J.

“75 million Africans were lost at sea, 100 million died in captivity, forced labor, disease and murder, all were murdered, raped, tortured and forced into Christianity by White Supremacist Christians. King Leopold of Belgium murdered 16 million Africans in Congo”.  Dr. John Henrik Clark