Poverty, Mental Illness Drugs Education

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Poverty, Mental illness, Drugs, education, violence, lies, gangs, and death!

Curtis Mullins,
African American Council

District Attorney Harris, the Police Chief and the public relations cop that answers all questions with slanted lies and constructed statistics, has identified the streets of North Tulsa as the number one location for gang violence and crime in America.  Poverty is the number one cause of crime on this planet!

Most murder and violence take place inside the home and most crime takes place downtown and south of the City.  Crime is dramatized when it occurs in the African American community, as depicted in the Zionist Isreali controlled media.  Why?

The fact of the matter is most crimes occur South, South East, West Tulsa and downtown, not North Tulsa.  White Supremacist hold the record for violent crime, spouse murder, spouse abuse, murder, child murder, child abuse, child rape, rape, car theft, common robbery in Tulsa, Oklahoma, ask the District Attorney or the Police Chief!   Continue reading Poverty, Mental Illness Drugs Education

The Triangular Slave Trade

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This article reproduced in its entirety and was written by Neelam Sharma using material submitted by Jalil Abdul Muntaqim, a political prisoner currently held in Easter Correctional Facility Napanoch, NY and Bonnie Kerness, associate director of the American Friends Service Committee in New Jersey, a prisoners’ rights advocate for the past 20 years.

The U.S. representative to the United Nations recently expressed his disgust at a request that the American Government should “officially apologize” for the damage done to African Americans by the Triangular Slave Trade [the term applied to describe the trade in Africans]; his reasoning was that since slavery was actually “legal” at the time no “crime” was in fact committed. Taking note of this line of argument, it is important to understand clearly that even as we are busy campaigning for reparations for past wrongs, a new form of slavery is being “legally” created.

The African slave trade of 16th-18th century did not appear suddenly overnight; it grew over a period of time driven by the “economic interests” of merchants and businessmen; and it was sanctioned by their representatives in government. This is precisely the process that is unfolding today with the creation of a “prison industrial complex” on a scale never before seen. There are two very disturbing aspects of the growth in this “new industry”: the contracting out of penal institutions to business interests, and the increasing use of physical and psychological torture on prisoners as a form of “control”. Continue reading The Triangular Slave Trade