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Poverty, Mental illness, Drugs, education, violence, lies, gangs, and death!

Curtis Mullins,
African American Council

District Attorney Harris, the Police Chief and the public relations cop that answers all questions with slanted lies and constructed statistics, has identified the streets of North Tulsa as the number one location for gang violence and crime in America.  Poverty is the number one cause of crime on this planet!

Most murder and violence take place inside the home and most crime takes place downtown and south of the City.  Crime is dramatized when it occurs in the African American community, as depicted in the Zionist Isreali controlled media.  Why?

The fact of the matter is most crimes occur South, South East, West Tulsa and downtown, not North Tulsa.  White Supremacist hold the record for violent crime, spouse murder, spouse abuse, murder, child murder, child abuse, child rape, rape, car theft, common robbery in Tulsa, Oklahoma, ask the District Attorney or the Police Chief!  
White Supremacist Israeli Zionist Jews hold the record for drug distribution [ecstasy] world-wide, and Israel is the capital for pornography; white racist hold the record for distributing the drug “Water” in Tulsa, Oklahoma; Batiste Contra Cubans and neocolonialist Nigerians and Contra Colombians hold the record for heron/cocaine distribution in America; Negro neocolonialist Capitalist Class conscious Jamaicans for reefer!  The public mind is being conditioned to believe African American people are responsible for all crime and drug distribution in America.

White supremacist propaganda is designed to dehumanize African American people by depicting us as savages.  An example of this dehumanization: NPR radio [89.5] on the FM dial, Sunday May 15, 2010 broadcast a shooting near the Chicken Hut on Apache, east of Peoria, and said “this is the same Chicken Hut where a man was killed and customers walked over his dead body to get their chicken orders”.  Yes, a man was killed, but, African Americans attempted to save his life by giving him mouth to mouth resuscitation, this humanitarian effort was not included in NPRs report.

Drugs create Poverty, illusions, fantasy and death
If you don’t have money to buy food you are going to steal to fed yourself and your family.  The same media controlled by Hitler Jews created the image of our children as millionaire gang members, dope dealer terrorist, after white supremacist and mulatto Negro Hispanics flooded our community with drugs to destroy family and community.

The same white supremacist created the image of the people in Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa/ Libya, South and Central America as terrorists, when it is the Americans, the British, the South Africans and Israelis that are terrorizing the entire world, with the help of neocolonialist African Negroes, Hispanic mulatto Negroes and mulatto Arabs on their payroll [mercenaries].

99% of Americans including African Americans are ignorant of reality and live in an illusory world created for them by the Intelligence Community and Rupert Murdock’s world of FOX News, CBS, NBC, ABC, C-Span, CNN, AOL.Com and BBC/NPR radio/television 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Violence in our community is caused nationwide for lack of survival knowledge in a Capitalist society.  We are walked over when it come to sharing Capitalist survival tools, unless we have beaten down so close to the ground that we believe we belong to the New World Order.  America is not a Democracy, it is a totalitarian dictatorship.  98% of the money is controlled by 2% of the population, and 2% of the money is fought over by 98% of the population, this does not make sense, there are more of us than their are of them!

This government gave international dope dealers and Zionist terrorist Jews hope and a decent place to live in America, good jobs that paid a decent salary to raise their families, these same people gave our children addictive drugs.

I know this is hard to believe, but their are no gangs in North Tulsa, their are a bunch of mentally ill children and adults whose brains have been scrambled like eggs with drugs white supremacist Christians [Aryan Brotherhood, Skin Heads and KKK gang members] manufacture  and sell to our youth, it is called “Water”!
This drug “Water” [methamphetamine, a derivative of methadone, a substitute drug for the treatment of morphine and heroin addiction] produces dangerous mode changes that cause violence that is not remembered when the user comes out of the trance this drug produces, they don’t even remember shooting their best friend to death.  North Tulsa is being flooded with this drug…..

The very people that flew cocaine into this country and our community on American, German and Zionist Israeli military aircraft on George Bush, Sr., Oliver North and Colon Powell’s watch, are constructing a drug addiction, mental illness facility on 56th Street North and Cincinnati next to the fire station.

The same people that created drug addiction, mental stress and murder nationwide and in our community here in Tulsa, Oklahoma that are going to build a facility to cure the people they addicted to drugs and drove crazy!   Wake up, something is wrong with this!

These same people manufactured a false consent decree to create Educare’s behavior modification mental institutions in North Tulsa as they phase out public education in America, that begin in the 1960’s in Brooklyn New York by the United Federation of Teachers, a group of Zionist Jewish teachers [read the Violence Initiative Project].

Manufactured Consent is the art of organizing political and religious neocolonialist  [fake black Capitalist political power] consent, in ignorance, to vote on something they don’t even know what they are voting for.  Manufactured Consent was used to take Moton Health Clinic out of North Tulsa’s African American fiduciary control and turned it over to Zionist Jews, and a Jamaican West Indian, where it became Morton  Health Clinic, with the help of Jesus Christ Watts, his sister and the midget Jamaican Director, whom was paid top dollar to gorilla docile poor African American patients, and where someone spread the rumor that the pharmacy was selling drugs to dope addicts!  It is alleged that Steven Dow, Ruth Nelson and George Kaiser created Moton’s Board of ignorance, put J.C. Watts sister at the head of it and told them to “vote on this”.  Manufactured Consent is used to control our children’s education and economic development not only in Tulsa but nationwide, by placing neocolonialist Negroes in charge from the Caribbean and Africa.

Their are real gangs in McAlester prison called the Aryan Brotherhood, the KKK and Skin Heads, they are white supremacist Christians, controlled by prison administrators and guards that belong to the same gang.  The prison guards bring drugs into the prison for racist inmates to sell.  Prison guards use drugs to control ignorant inmates, they control progressive African Americans by handcuffing them and letting white supremacist torture and beat them, they beat some to death, while so-called street tough Negro Tulsa drug gang members cower in fear.

Tony Martin, Carl Wyatt, Keith Mayberry, Keenan White, Lawrence Breed love and many others were handcuffed and beaten by prison guards and members of the Aryan Brotherhood.  Keenan White was stabbed and beaten twice while handcuffed, by the same white racist, while prison guards looked on and laughed.  Ryan Herod was murdered while prison guards watched, his murder was caught on film [he was scheduled for release the next day], District Attorney Wilson of Pittsburgh County has not brought any charges against his killers.

Protection afforded prisoners under the Eighth Amendment prohibits cruel and unusual punishment, but it does not apply to African American inmates in Oklahoma.

African American inmates have been murdered in McAlester prison and their families don’t even know they are dead.  Check on your relatives, your husbands, brothers, relatives and friends in prison, visit them.

African Americans are the only people that can stop this madness and solve the problem or they will continue walking around in circles praying!

National Public Radio [NPR] does not broadcast the massacres taking place in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Gaza/Palestine by America, Europe and European and American Jews.  Jews are conducting a war against the very people that gave them a place to get themselves together after Hitler’s pogroms [genocide] in Europe by the Germans.

Question: How come America did not give the Jews Germany after the war, it was the Germans that committed genocide against the Jews, not the Palestinians.

Monday morning, May 30, 2010, the illegal Israeli government attacked a peace ship delivering humanitarian supplies to Gaza, in international waters, killed 9 people and wounded a score of others, and attempted to sink a liberty ship Rep. Cynthia McKinney was on delivering humanitarian supplies to Palestinian people in Gaza!

The Prime Minister of Israel said Israel acted in self defense in attacking the liberty ship!  No one attacked the Israeli military convoy out in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea armed with missiles and rockets supplied by America. The same type missiles the American missile ship [USS Vincennes] used to shot down an Iranian civil aircraft killing 290 men, women and children civilians on December 21, 1988.

Now [3/6/15] Zionist Jews are seeking approval of White Supremacist in Congress to use nuclear weapons on Palestinian people in Gaza, Palestine….

A bit of ancient African history to put ancient African history in some perspective
Ancient African history: Some Hebrews decided to stay in Africa after the Pharaoh  Ramses forced foreign invaders out of Egypt whom had held Hebrews in slavery for four hundred years, sound familiar.  The Hebrews worked for, supported and favored the invaders, the Hebrews were just as cruel to Africans as the foreign invaders were, as they are in America today!

The Pharaoh instructed his military to move the foreign invaders out of lower Egypt [the upper nile], he told the Hebrews they could stay as long as they obeyed and respected Pharaoh’s rule.  Many decided to leave and on their way out created the King James and Moses lie that Moses dried up the Red Sea for them to escape to Palestine on dry land, when all they had to do was walk across into Gaza on dry land!  Christians belief in Moses’ story is one of the reasons most Christians and Jews suffer from a mental illness called experimental neuroses [mild mental illness] and schizophrenia [serious mental illness and psychosis]!

It is a indisputable fact that the great peoples of antiquity, both in the old and new worlds, were black people [their were no white people in America before the white man came to America] and they worshiped of Black Gods.  Horus, the African Savior God King was black, so was his Mother Isis, so was Krishna, the celebrated Black Christ of India, so was the Black Quetzalcoatl, the savior of ancient Mexicans, so was the Christian Roman Jesus, their Christian Savior, is represented in early Christian pictures and statues as having a jet black complexion.  All of these Black God kings were the sons of Black Virgin Mothers in mythological antiquity.

There was no poverty, hunger, no rape, no disrespect of old people, no drugs, no wife abuse, no teenage pregnancy in Africa till the white man came!

Courtesy of the African American Council – Curtis Mullins, Elder