Food SanitationThe deliberate, intentional and systematic extermination of African people worldwide

An Empirical research paper by Curtis Mullins

It is time for the community, and parents in particular, to look at what this Capitalist socioeconomic system has in store for us and our children, whom this system has identified as criminals for the purpose of isolating our children from us. Our children are the descendants of slaves and suffer from what is defined as “Post Slavery Trauma Syndrome.” Our children are victims of this oppressive, white Supremacist system and need our care, protection, love and support.

The so called drug gang “Crime” syndrome cannot be viewed in isolation or as a social phenomena. Crime must be viewed in its social, political and economic context to understand and identify its cause. The so-called criminal experts cannot and will not produce solutions to socioeconomic problems that plague our community. To do so would eliminate their jobs, in reality they are the real burden on society not our children, because they create crimes for our children to commit. Menticide is the science of creating conditions that cause crime. The “experts” deliberately and consciously overlook known factors that cause crime, that determine its nature and quantity; racism, poverty and unemployment are contributors.

How do the “experts” find solutions to complex social problems? They don’t, they create problems they themselves cannot identify or even understand. Then they solicit the help of the so-called “professionals”, who are just as ignorant as they, the “experts”! The “experts” and professional” come up with repressive laws (The Juvenile Crime Bill) that deny our children their rights as human beings and place labels on them that identify them for life as criminals. This system gives White Supremacist criminal psychopaths the power to define who we are and what is best for us and our children. In essence this system gives “crazy people” the power to determine our destiny in this mental institution called America!

Race, environment, economics, education, poverty, oppression, employment, stupidity and ignorance are factors in the “crime” equation. The Capitalist socioeconomic system under which we are governed is controlled by Corporations and cannot right itself, simply because it is controlled and run by criminals. To attempt to correct the problem necessitates looking at the inherent human contradictions in the system itself, the people who control it, and those “experts” and “professionals” who deliberately and consciously overlook known factors that cause crime. You must at some point focus on the beneficiaries of capitalism White Supremacist!

The Oliver North’s, the Jim Inhofe’s, the Bush’s, the Ronald Reagan’s, the Richard Nixon’s, these are only a few of a hundred thousand protected professional criminals who profit from and are responsible for the drugs that enter our country from overseas that have destroyed three generations of our family, friends and children. They are immune from prosecution and are protected by the Secret Service, the F.B.I., the military and the police. These are only a few of the people who make shape and enforce the laws their friends in Congress legislate to legitimize their own criminal behavior and activities.

Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and George Bush are no different than the dope dealers Castro ran out of Cuba that reside in Miami, Florida and control the C.I.A.’s national/international dope distribution network and profit from our children’s misery and suffering.
Theoretically, the government is in existence to serve the people, in reality it serves the largest criminal enterprise ever to exist in the history of humanity. The government is the number one hindrance to humanities progress and is the number one dope dealer to the world: America causes the same problems, misery and pain wherever it goes Africa, Asia, South and North America, the North Pole and the South Pole, supported by neocolonialist Capitalist.

The people who control economic system are called “Capitalist”, they are 2% of the world’s population and control 98% of the world’s wealth. Corporate America’s military manages the “Intelligence Community”, the military protects the “Capitalist” system world wide and the police locally.
The military and the police capitalize on economic problems, social unrest and disorder. The power structure has given local police units the power to maintain “law and order” at any cost, in violation of the Constitution. The police do not solve socioeconomic political problems! Their job is to cause division, confusion, disunity and death. Many members of Tulsa’s F. O. P. (Federation of Police) are members of the K.K.K. and other White Supremacist organizations, they are responsible for many murders that go unsolved, they murder black youth for sport, Harold Boyd Jr.; vengeance, Perry Stuart; and Randy Leon Smith for talking back, shot once in the back and twice in the chest, in that order by Sgt. Buckspan, he has been upgraded to Detective.

With unemployment in the Black community at 51% or more, the so-called “Juvenile Crime Bill” becomes a destructive and negative manifestation for lack of opportunities for our youth, whom have been mis-educated by a racist Chamber of Commerce school system designed to twist their brains with illusions created by psychiatrist and social workers, that lead them straight to the jail house.
Look at the conditions poor children are forced to live under and it will become obvious and clear why our youth are resentful. Our children suffer from trauma, and stress caused by 400 years of slavery, they are depressed and deprived, resistant and difficult. Not all, but many understand how we came to be here against our will and how they made us slaves, and how we were brutalized, raped, tortured and murdered. Slave labor, sex and breeding is the reason we were forced to come to America! Slavery is the reason why some of our children, parents, grandparents, great-grand-parents fear of the police and the military, these are the people who were given license to kill them at will.
Their resentment and anger is obvious to an invisible and illegal government (the Intelligence Community – Corporate America) that has instituted repressive “special” laws: medical, biological and psychological treatment for our youth, and have put into place mind control “behavior modification” programs that include brain surgery (thalmotomies), medication (Prozac) for those who are not docile and passive enough to “do what they are told”, and death for those that resist repression and genocide. Resentment and resistance to this invisible government is growing and in some quarters well developed and organized!

The juvenile gang anticrime campaign being waged at the state and local level with federal direction from the Intelligence Community and resources from the government is aimed at containing our children with drugs and jail to prevent them from developing properly.
The federal government’s response to our children’s rising consciousness comes through law enforcement agencies under the control of the National Security Council and the central Intelligence Agency. They use CIA/FBI agents and equipment once used in Russia to spy on the KGB, and provide funds to beef up local police departments with anti-gang training and weapons of all description for repression, including 50 caliber machine guns mounted on tanks.
The intelligence community also makes funds available to dope dealers and agent provocateurs whom they infiltrate into local gangs. These agents rise to leadership positions in many of these so-called gangs, some even commit murder and never go to jail, protected by the police.
Government agencies are nothing but information gathering organizations that collect data on community, individuals, family and pass it on to centralized information banks where it is studied, classified and filed. Family court, Juvenile Court, Judges, Police officers, probation officers, parole officers, youth agencies, community organizations, employers, neocolonialist informants and social service suppliers feed the system with misinformation on us, and are a part of the problem.

At the federal, state and local level we make no decisions, decisions are made for us by the status quo voter Congress. Ironically, the state is mandated by law to rehabilitate and educate the people. But, whom are they rehabilitating and educating and for what purpose? What is happening in the schools to our children is criminal and a horrendous injustice and a threat to our very existence, all of our children are under the supervision of Federal, State and Municipal White Supremacist agencies that have secret agendas to destroy our children’s’ minds, and block our path to self-determination.
The judicial system looks the other way while the police collect illegal information on organizations, people, citizens who have committed no “crime”, they harass, photograph, intimidate, provoke and arrest and kill people who have not broken any law. They are threatening and treating the entire African American community as though we were “criminals”.

The police are practicing fascism in African American communities nationwide and it appears they have the full backing of Congress. The setting up of detention centers [concentration camps] in Tulsa, Oklahoma’s most depressed areas, Vernon Manor [now Bradford Apts], Apache Manor, Comanche Park and Morning Star apartments [now Edenwood Apts] are blatant indicators of what’s coming next!
We witness public relation police propagandist in concert with CIA/F.B.I. agents speak negatively on gang [youth] activities and drugs that they know are false and misleading, they tell lies! The Drug Enforcement Administration, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the police facilitate the distribution of drugs by doing nothing to apprehend the real criminals responsible for international drug distribution. Col. Oliver North is not in Jail in Costa Rica, where he was indicted for drug trafficking.

The propaganda tactics of the police department and the Central Intelligence Agency are aimed at instilling fear in the public’s mind in general, and legitimize the war against our youth in particular. The police are conducting anti-crime seminars that terrorize the public and blow out of proportion crime in the African American community. They have implemented “Block-Watch” programs to cultivate snitches, informants and provocateurs, all in the hope of gaining the communities confidence, support and trust, They are not encouraging the police to snitch on the police who stole drugs out of the Property Clerk’s office, in Tulsa. Our youth are not fooled by these tactics, they know who the enemy is!
Public hysteria about youth and crime gives the police a free hand to wheel, deal and kill without fear of legal retribution. Hysteria serves the police department’s immediate goal to heighten public fear by focusing attention on the defenseless victims, and at the same time justify the call for additional manpower and weaponry. These are the tactics of an occupation army and are part of the government’s overall tactics and strategy for repressing out children’s rising consciousness.

We must remember that the real goal of law enforcement is not to protect humanity but to protect the private property of a few and maintain a local army equipped to quell any legal threat to status quo rule. The schools, the criminal justice and correctional systems as far as we are concerned are failures. Our human rights are being constitutionally violated.
The wrong done to us over a period of 400 years must be made right, only by paying us for the wrong done, and freeing all African American Political prisoners and prisoners of the domestic war declared on African Americans.
As legislators, criminal justice practitioners, police organizations, groups, community leaders and lay people call for longer jail sentences for African people and the changing of the youthful offender status to adult, we see additional problems developing and witness the advanced stages of a totalitarian dictatorship emerging under the cover and control of the Intelligence Community, these are the people who listen to our private telephone conversations and photograph us in private.

Many of those who have identified the problem have been put in jail and others have lost their jobs and their families, and many have been killed recently. It is the responsibility of people in general and parents in particular to step forward and speak out against this madness being promoted by political criminals and child abusers who seek to destroy the roots of our existence, our children. Losing control of our children’s development leaves us no control over our future. We must regain control over our children’s development and education.
A White Supremacist female teacher at Sam Houston elementary school in Tulsa told black students that they, “are negroes, not African”, one of the students asked her “where was Negro-land located on the map” her answer, “I Know what is best for you!”, and threatened to suspend the student who asked the question. We are letting a racist psychopathic people destroy our most intelligent and creative youth by giving racist teachers the opportunity to mis-educate our children.

For too long we have looked to the government, politicians, the police, the criminal justice system, racist teachers, preachers and a thousand neocolonialist puppets to solve the political, social and economic problems that they themselves created! We must embrace a common ideology that binds us, one that is void of religious denomination and national politics. We must embrace the truth of our objective condition, and that is: “We are being deliberately, intentionally and systematically eliminated as a people worldwide by organized White Supremacist Capitalist Christians.”

The Problem Drugs, racism, crime, sexism, poverty, oppression, exploitation, and prostitution are only symptoms of the disease/problem that threatens the life of all mankind. The problem/disease is Capitalism controlled by White Supremacist Christians disguised as a democracy.

The Solution to the Problem:
The Declaration of independence states: “That, whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends (life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness), it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and institute a new government.”
This government denies us life, liberty and has prevented us deliberately from pursuing happiness, it is in violation of our human and Constitutional right to live as human beings and must be dealt with, it must be abolished, according to the Bill of Rights of the Constitution of the United States of America.
The demand for the release of Political/Prisoners of the undeclared domestic war [COINTELPRO] declared on African American people, coupled with the demand for payment for the wrong done will bring mercenaries now operating in Afghanistan, Iraq, Africa and Syria into our communities. Self-Defense is legal!