Demystifying 9/11: Israel and the Tactics of Mistake

By Alan Sabrosky – June 27, 2011

“I am also absolutely certain as a strategic analyst that 9/11 itself, from which all else flows, was a classic Mossad-orchestrated operation. But Mossad did not do it alone.”

Many years ago I read a fascinating discussion of the “tactics of mistake.” This essentially entailed using a target’s prejudices and preconceptions to mislead them as to the origin and intent of the attack, entrapping them in a tactical situation that later worked to the attacker’s strategic advantage.

This is what unfolded in the 9/11 attacks that led us into the matrix of wars and conflicts, present (Afghanistan and Iraq), planned (Iran and Syria) and projected (Jordan and Egypt), that benefit Israel and no other country — although I concede that many private contractors and politicians are doing very well for themselves out of the death and misery of others.

I am also absolutely certain as a strategic analyst that 9/11 itself, from which all else flows, was a classic Mossad-orchestrated operation. But Mossad did not do it alone. They needed local help within America (and perhaps elsewhere) and they had it, principally from some alumni of PNAC (the misnamed Project for a New American Century) and their affiliates within and outside of the US Government (USG), who in the 9/11 attacks got the “catalytic event” they needed and craved to take the US to war on Israel’s behalf, only eight months after coming into office.

Genesis of the Deception

That was not how it seemed at first, of course. Lists of names and associations of the alleged hijackers quickly surfaced in official US accounts and mainstream media (MSM) reports, pointing to Osama bin Laden and his Al-Qaeda group, then largely in Afghanistan. Bin Laden denied responsibility, saying in effect that while he thanked Allah that the attacks had occurred, he had not done it, but the US demanded that the Taliban governing Afghanistan turn him over to the US. Continue reading Demystifying 9/11: Israel and the Tactics of Mistake

US Military Earthquake Weapon Test Leaves 500,000 Dead In Haiti

International Research Team

   A grim report prepared by the Russian Northern Fleet for Prime Minister Putin is stating today that the catastrophic earthquake that has devastated the Island of Haiti was the ‘clear result’ of a United States Navy test of one of its ‘earthquake weapons’ planned to be used by the Americans on the Persian Nation of Iran, but had gone ‘horribly wrong’ in testing.

The Northern Fleet has been monitoring US Naval movements and activities in the Caribbean since 2008 when the Americans announced their intention to re-establish their Forth Fleet that had been disbanded in 1950, and which was responded to by the Motherland when later that year a Russian flotilla led by nuclear powered cruiser Peter the Great began their first exercises in this region since the ending of the Cold War. Continue reading US Military Earthquake Weapon Test Leaves 500,000 Dead In Haiti

American Police Are Now Trained By “Israeli Defense Forces [IDF] and The Department of Homeland Security”

Plagiarized from an article by Gordon Duff of PRESS TV
August 10th, 2012

Security camera on the sky background

“The door to this foreign influence in America was thrown open by the Department of Homeland Security and, in particular, Michael Chertoff, an Israeli citizen who was, in particular, most instrumental as former Director of DHS in implementing policies challenged as unconstitutional, policies the new “Israeli trained” American police are tasked with stopping opposition to.”  Jeff Goodall.

Chertoff was born in New Jersey, he took the trouble to obtain Israeli citizenship despite living and working in the U.S., thus giving rise to valid questions regarding his ultimate loyalty.

Trumps appointment as ambassador to Israel is an Israeli American with duel citizenship. Before Trump gets into office he is demanding Jerusalem be the Capital of the illegal state of Israel.

Very slowly, every police department in the United States, at the behest of Israel and the Department of Homeland Security, is being trained by Israeli [Military] terrorist groups! Continue reading American Police Are Now Trained By “Israeli Defense Forces [IDF] and The Department of Homeland Security”

Zionist Israel is Responsible For The Murder of 2,744 Human beings on September 11, 2001, not Muslims!

Abstract background digital collage concept illustration unmanned warfare drone

Have you ever heard of Larry Silverstein? He knew it was going to happen & profited from it!

Israeli Nazi Mossed agents in a van guided remote controlled Aircraft [drones] into World Trade Center buildings 1 and 2 on September 11, 2001

American Airlines Flight 11, and United Airlines Flight 175 were remote controlled Drones flown into buildings 1 and 2 by Isreali Mossad agents and Zionist Hitler Jews, NOT MUSLIMS! Continue reading Zionist Israel is Responsible For The Murder of 2,744 Human beings on September 11, 2001, not Muslims!


Adolph Hitler’s New World Order, socio-economic/political/military machine, the Nazi Party, controls the United States of America through its proxy Israel with a $600 million dollar investment in the American Israeli Public Affairs Committees political propaganda network [AIPAC], backed up with a $56 trillion dollar theft of securities deposited in the Illegal state of Israel and Nazi banks to guarantee the outcome of political elections worldwide.

Today Zionist Israel’s Mossad is Adolf Hitler’s SS in the Middle East [East Africa], controls America’s economic system Capitalism, Congress, and the Intelligence Community [banks, Corporations, Wall Street], the military, the police, militias and organized religion. Continue reading THE “NEW WORLD ORDER”: A WAKE-UP CALL FOR AFRICAN PEOPLE WORLD WIDE — Zionist Hitler Nazi Israel


Food SanitationThe deliberate, intentional and systematic extermination of African people worldwide

An Empirical research paper by Curtis Mullins

It is time for the community, and parents in particular, to look at what this Capitalist socioeconomic system has in store for us and our children, whom this system has identified as criminals for the purpose of isolating our children from us. Our children are the descendants of slaves and suffer from what is defined as “Post Slavery Trauma Syndrome.” Our children are victims of this oppressive, white Supremacist system and need our care, protection, love and support.

The so called drug gang “Crime” syndrome cannot be viewed in isolation or as a social phenomena. Crime must be viewed in its social, political and economic context to understand and identify its cause. The so-called criminal experts cannot and will not produce solutions to socioeconomic problems that plague our community. To do so would eliminate their jobs, in reality they are the real burden on society not our children, because they create crimes for our children to commit. Menticide is the science of creating conditions that cause crime. The “experts” deliberately and consciously overlook known factors that cause crime, that determine its nature and quantity; racism, poverty and unemployment are contributors. Continue reading Genocide

Modern Day Servitude

Poverty Or Wealth Directions On A SignpostModern servitude is voluntary, consented to by the mass of slaves who trudge along the face of the Earth. They themselves buy the commodities that enslave them every day more. Slaves procure alienating jobs that are bestowed upon the tamed. They, themselves, choose the masters whom they will obey. For this absurd tragedy to play-out, it has been necessary to breed in them the ignorance of their own exploitation and alienation. Behold the bizarre modernity of our time. As with the slaves of antiquity, serfs of the Middle Ages or the working-class of the first industrial revolutions, today we bear witness to an emerging class of the totally enslaved. The difference being that they don’t know it or better yet choose to ignore it. They fail to recognize the one weapon available to the enslaved: rebellion. Slaves accept without question the pitiful life that was manufactured on their behalf. Apathy and resignation are the sources of their misfortune.

Behold the nightmare of the modern-day slave; whose sole aspiration is to be swept away by the macabre dance of the machine of alienation.

Oppression becomes modern spreading out everywhere mystifications that hide our slave condition.
Reveal reality as it is and not as power represents it, is indeed the most genuine subversion.  Only truth is revolutionary.

Perspective On Life In America And Africa

HandcuffedAn empirical research paper
The Mullins Report

If America were concerned about suffering African people it would have done something about African people suffering in the Americas a long time ago. What America is concerned about is getting rid of African people all over the world, especially in the Americas and Africa! African people are being psychologically conditioned to accept the murder of their children by white racist as normal and acceptable.
Starvation in Africa did not begin a year ago! American spy satellites circling the globe detected patterns of land erosion and crop failure in Africa 15 to 20 years ago and did nothing to prevent the death of millions of people!
Humanitarian aid has nothing to do with the reason America sent poor Negro and poor white troops to Somalia. The problems in Africa were deliberately created by America and Europe to cause disunity and confusion for geopolitical control of the continent and access to its natural resources. Continue reading Perspective On Life In America And Africa

Freedom for Political Prisoners and Reparations for African-Americans

USA Constitution ParchmentA Statement of Fact and a Cause for Action!

The Mullins Report

Neocolonialist Africans and Arab Muslims captured us; Spanish, Portuguese (Hispanics) and European slavers held us captive; Jews transported and sold us; America tortured and shaped us!
We were illegally transported across international waters from Africa to America for free labor and sex. America separated father from family like they do cattle and had sexual relations with our mothers, wives, sisters, daughters [and our sons].
Many African women [and men] believe having sexual relations with our enemy today is natural and normal (President Thomas Jefferson had children by an 11 year old African child who was the product of a slave relationship. Thomas Jefferson’s father in law had sex with her mother who was an African slave on his plantation, the 11 year old” child was Thomas Jefferson’s wife half sister which makes here is sister in law). Continue reading Freedom for Political Prisoners and Reparations for African-Americans

The Triangular Slave Trade

Feet of the african childA Mullins Report

This article reproduced in its entirety and was written by Neelam Sharma using material submitted by Jalil Abdul Muntaqim, a political prisoner currently held in Easter Correctional Facility Napanoch, NY and Bonnie Kerness, associate director of the American Friends Service Committee in New Jersey, a prisoners’ rights advocate for the past 20 years.

The U.S. representative to the United Nations recently expressed his disgust at a request that the American Government should “officially apologize” for the damage done to African Americans by the Triangular Slave Trade [the term applied to describe the trade in Africans]; his reasoning was that since slavery was actually “legal” at the time no “crime” was in fact committed. Taking note of this line of argument, it is important to understand clearly that even as we are busy campaigning for reparations for past wrongs, a new form of slavery is being “legally” created.

The African slave trade of 16th-18th century did not appear suddenly overnight; it grew over a period of time driven by the “economic interests” of merchants and businessmen; and it was sanctioned by their representatives in government. This is precisely the process that is unfolding today with the creation of a “prison industrial complex” on a scale never before seen. There are two very disturbing aspects of the growth in this “new industry”: the contracting out of penal institutions to business interests, and the increasing use of physical and psychological torture on prisoners as a form of “control”. Continue reading The Triangular Slave Trade