Attica’s 40th Anniversary: Still on the Wrong Road

Alcatraz Island Federal Penitentiary Jail Cells

Article Written: Saturday 24 September 2011
by: Michael E. Deutsch, Truthout | News Analysis

September 9 marks 40 years since the uprising at Attica State Prison, in upstate New York, and the deadly and sadistic retaking of the prison – and mass torture of hundreds of prisoners all the rest of the day and night and beyond – by state police and prison guards on the morning of September 13. When the shooting stopped and the gas lifted, 29 unarmed prisoners and ten hostages were dead, slaughtered by the assault force.

Over a hundred more prisoners were shot, some maimed for life and many others seriously injured. In addition, almost the entire 1,200-plus prisoners who occupied D yard and had hoped that their demands for humane treatment would be addressed by the authorities, were systematically stripped and beaten, made to run gauntlets of club swinging police as they were herded back into cells, while dozens of supposed leaders and other special targets were taken aside for more personal vengeance. The United States Court of Appeals, hardly a pro-prisoner or even liberal institution, called the rehousing of the prisoners, “an orgy of brutality.” Continue reading Attica’s 40th Anniversary: Still on the Wrong Road

Poverty, Mental Illness Drugs Education

Mental health concept in word tag cloud on black

Poverty, Mental illness, Drugs, education, violence, lies, gangs, and death!

Curtis Mullins,
African American Council

District Attorney Harris, the Police Chief and the public relations cop that answers all questions with slanted lies and constructed statistics, has identified the streets of North Tulsa as the number one location for gang violence and crime in America.  Poverty is the number one cause of crime on this planet!

Most murder and violence take place inside the home and most crime takes place downtown and south of the City.  Crime is dramatized when it occurs in the African American community, as depicted in the Zionist Isreali controlled media.  Why?

The fact of the matter is most crimes occur South, South East, West Tulsa and downtown, not North Tulsa.  White Supremacist hold the record for violent crime, spouse murder, spouse abuse, murder, child murder, child abuse, child rape, rape, car theft, common robbery in Tulsa, Oklahoma, ask the District Attorney or the Police Chief!   Continue reading Poverty, Mental Illness Drugs Education

US Military Earthquake Weapon Test Leaves 500,000 Dead In Haiti

Explosion of nuclear bomb
International Research Team

A grim report prepared by the Russian Northern Fleet for Prime Minister Putin is stating today that the catastrophic earthquake that has devastated the Island of Haiti was the ‘clear result’ of a United States Navy test of one of its ‘earthquake weapons’ planned to be used by the Americans on the Persian Nation of Iran, but had gone ‘horribly wrong’ in testing.

The Northern Fleet has been monitoring US Naval movements and activities in the Caribbean since 2008 when the Americans announced their intention to re-establish their Forth Fleet that had been disbanded in 1950, and which was responded to by the Motherland when later that year a Russian flotilla led by nuclear powered cruiser Peter the Great began their first exercises in this region since the ending of the Cold War. Continue reading US Military Earthquake Weapon Test Leaves 500,000 Dead In Haiti

Introduction To The Origin Of The Problem

riot_1000_12086210_originalMaterials researched and presented

by Curtis Mullins
In struggle for the truth,

The existence of the Counter Intelligence Program [COINTELPRO] surfaced during the Church Commission’s investigation into government intelligence operations after the Watergate scandal and the downfall of President Nixon. COINTELPRO is a secret program that is responsible for the suffering experienced in African American communities.

African Americans, for the purpose of identification, are the descendants of Africans that were forced to come to America against their will for free labor and sex. All other Africans, regardless of where they come from, came to America on their own free will for the same reason Europeans, Hispanics, Asians, etc., come, to climb the ladder of success America placed on the shoulders of African American people. Continue reading Introduction To The Origin Of The Problem