About Mullins

What You Should Know About Curtis Mullins

I am an African American, a resident of the State of Oklahoma, a constituent of Senate District Eleven, I ran for the Oklahoma Senate seat in District 11 in 2012! I am a registered Independent concerned about human welfare.  I am humanitarian!

I am husband, father and grandfather.  I have studied business administration and accounting, I was employed at the Rockefeller Foundation in the Treasurers office as an assistant to the Chief Account, and have had 10 years of self-employed business experience in management and have been granted one patent by the United States Patent Office No. 3294312. I am a licensed pilot, and a Korean War era veteran, 18 months foreign service in Korea and Japan, I am a member of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 523, Tulsa.

I am familiar with the Federal Rules of civil procedure and have practiced law in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Oklahoma before the Honorable H. Dale Cook, the Honorable James O. Ellerson and United States Magistrate John Leo Wagner. The adversary attorneys in the case were H. Schaad Titus, David P. Page and Frederic N.Schneider the 3rd of Boone, Smith, Davis & Hurst.  I presented my case to conclusion Pro Se and won settlement agreement against American Airlines.

The State Senator reports, councils and advises his constituency on proposed legislation and vote his constituencies will, he proposes legislation beneficial to his constituency, the State, and City of Tulsa.

The legislative session lasts four months, that leaves time to participate in organizing a political network in District 11, one that has never existed in North Tulsa.

My commitment to the people of Senate District 11

  1. To Report on proposed legislation to the community
  2. To vote Senate District 11 constituencies will
  3. To work for the benefit of the people in District 11, the elderly, children, the handicapped, the unemployed, all have special needs that need addressing
  4. To address violations of civil and human rights
  5. To address the immigration issue in Oklahoma

    To bring before the President of the United States of America and Congress the issue of a] Political/Prisoners of war in America and, b] payment for the wrong done to African Americans.  African Americans are the only people that were forced to come to America against their will for free labor, sex and breeding, all others came on their own free will!